Overview And Experience

What Is The 7th Sense?

The traditional “Five Senses” Model (sight, hearing, touching, smelling, and tasting) is credited to Aristotle

The Sixth sense is the infamous Intuition or Gut Feeling”.

The Seventh Sense is that sense that each individual, team or even organisation aspires to achieve, be it; a sense of success, a sense of happiness or belonging, a sense of value, a sense of the future or ultimately a sense of being, a sense of becoming, or even growing and continuing.

Our consultants help you create that Sense of Being you hope to be and facilitate your journey to experience that Sense of Achievement you desire through tapping into your creativity and critical-thinking, maximising your ingenuity & resourcefulness in serving your needs and optimising your potential & practical sensibility.

And that’s the essence of the 7th Sense.

The Customer Promise 

We put our clients’ best interest at heart when engaging with them because they are the most important to us. 

We work passionately, diligently & with versatility with our clients, as they are our source of existence, endeavors & being.

Our job is to professionally support them in their projects & ensure that success happens for them as smoothly as possible, so they achieve that sense of achievement they aspire for.

As depicted in our brand logo using a sectioned extract from “the ancient Flower of Life”.

The flower symbol is created from 7 perfectly shaped circles, also emphasised by the golden colour of the Golden Ratio of Phi.

The 7 circles are in perfect geometrical balance and harmony to represent the continuity in achieving growth & project excellence that develops into a contributing being. 

Our clients are the ultimate judge of the level of Quality and Excellence they aspire to achieve in their being and hence, we only facilitate their success.

In applying curiosity, exploration, and focused determination needed to deliver radical new value for our clients, we are on a mission to help organisations; government entities, SME’s and entrepreneurs reach that sense of achievement that they desire.

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Ibrahim @SevensenseConsulting.com

About Ibrahim

Ibrahim Murad – MBA Director

Our Spearhead For Achievement

Ibrahim is a steadfast dynamic and highly motivated business expert.

Ibrahim enjoys 35 years of hands-on experience in commercial activities including business development and sales and marketing, across multiple industries in Jordan, UAE & the UK.

Ibrahim is passionate about engineering & reverse engineering. He has a remarkable ability of simplifying the most complex structures & processes to its minutest details & then upgrading them again creatively to be more efficient and more effective.

Ibrahim is inherently innovative and entrepreneurial with a profound industry insight that is much needed for human-centered product development. He is quick to invent new concepts and ideas to help clients in different domains, thus; has developed an aptitude for maximizing market potential & value creation.

Ibrahim is a strong leader, who manages, motivates and develops teams and has the interpersonal and communication skills to build positive stakeholder relationships. 

Ibrahim is a good negotiator who has been engaging with cross-cultural business communities from diverse business backgrounds stretching back from the beginning of his career 35 years ago.

Ibrahim is big on quality standards & procedures. Ibrahim drives continuous improvement efforts that are process-based & follow the relevant industry quality standard.

Ibrahim excels in achieving ambitious goals & challenges for clients.

Closing deals & sealing contracts are his prime strengths!

He loves challenging his clients to step up their game and achieve their maximum potential!

Our Vision

To creatively advance individuals and organisations into the future.

Our Mission

In applying curiosity, exploration, and focused determination needed to deliver radical new value for our clients, we are on a mission to help SME’s and young entrepreneurs reach their sense of achievement by providing:

Our Values